Interview Skills Sterile Processing

Sign Up for a quick Interview.1. You will get one Digital or Phone Interview with email feedback.
2. The digital interview will be emailed to you.
3. Once completed I will email you my feedback.
4. Five-minute phone interview, with email feedback.

Sign up for a detailed practice Interview.1. You will get two live practice interviews (10 min). We will review the different platforms used to host job interviews Zoom and Google.
2. One digital interview with questions emailed to you.
3. One resume review for organization, consistency, formatting, and keywords.
4. A checklist and guide to help identify what you want and tools to highlight your skills, strengths, accomplishments, and value.

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  • I want to learn more details about the position. Work environment, culture and day to day activities before I talk about pay.

  • I need to know more about your salary structure (bonus/ annual raises) before I talk about pay.

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